Four Dieters on Fat Burners

You have read a lot about how great fat burning dietary supplements are. Their effectiveness is proven in study after study, and reviewers all seem to praise them as the modern, effective way of losing weight. Now it´s time to hear to what ordinary people has to say about them. We have spoken to four dieters who have had success with fat burners:

“The weight thing is very sensitive for me. Being overweight or fat is not what I want, I don´t want to see myself as a fat person. I don´t see myself as someone who can´t stick to a weight loss routine and a person that just can´t quit eating junk and watch TV instead of living a healthy life. I have tried most methods out there, almost every one of them. You name it – Atkins, Hoodia, Green Tea, the sauna belt from TV-shop and all kinds of vegetable diets. I couldn´t take it and got back to my old habits time after time.

The turning point for me was when I discovered fat burners. My friend told me to use them and I got the best brand according to review sites, Phen375. This product was very effective! The first 3 weeks I used them I lost 15lbs!!! All I did was to take a long walk every day, quit the pizza and the Mc Donalds lunches and take the pills. No side effects or anything like that. If I can do it, you can lose weight too!”

– Maria Laney, Tehama, CA

“I am one of those who always used Phentermine whenever I felt I had enough of the big butt and belly. I did that routine for 15 years, it was like a circle I was in. Being obese – using the Phentermine pills – getting sick – getting slim. The Phentermine was just horrible! I had headaches and a bad, bad stomach from using them. No heart problems, but I know of people who have suffered serious heart problems from having these pills. Don´t go that route! They work for weight loss but it is not worth it.

I found out that there was a new safe alternative to the Phentermine, called Phen375. I has done wonders for me, I no longer get sick and I am able to stay thin because I can take them over a long period of time.”

Ann Flack, Abbeyville, KS

“Yeah, I have used every possible diet in the world. I always buy the new machines, and the new pills in the ads. Guess what? Nothing ever worked! This is because of my bad discipline, I hate going to the gym. I cannot exercise enough and I won´t feel motivated when I never lose a anything anyway.

Phen375 has helped me. Fat burners are the best, and this brand is the top product. After using it for a week I started to see results. I had lost 4 pounds and now it was fun to do some exercise and to eat right. I mean, stuff is happening and I love it”

– William Shumacher, Arligton, WA

“First off: I like to burn fat! I like to feel that fat go away and it is great to know that my own body does the work! For me, fat burner pills are the most effective weight loss aid since the old Phenterine pills came out. Not that I want anyone to use them, they are dangerous and I can´t believe they are still being sold. Fat burners like Phen375 are the most effective pills you can find. This is modern fat loss!”

– Ronnie B. Hattler, Australia