WARNING – Fat Foods Can make Us Seemingly Happy

A recent study led by Dr. Lukas Van Oudenhove of the University of Leuven and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that fat foods can decrease sad emotions. We all know that if you´re unhappy, it is easy to buy a snack or two. It is bad for health, but it seems like the body likes it, at least short term.

Twelve slim people were connected to gastric feeding tube administering either fatty acid or a saline solution directly into their stomachs. Then, they got to listen to sad music before the intragastric infusion took place. The result was that the people who got the fatty acid reported feeling 50 percent less sad than the ones who got the salt solution!

Fat is dangerous, it is hard to fight the signals of the body itself. We believe this study is very interesting, and it shows that we must work harder and keep focused in our fat loss efforts. As always, getting the help of a safe fat burner is nice. That way, you chances of success increases greatly when it comes to getting rid of those pounds of unwanted fat!

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