Phen375 vs Liporexall

Liporexall is marketed as the world´s  strongest fat burner supplement. The sales and marketing team for this product are not subtle, to say the least. They claim that Liporexall can block around 30 percent of all fat calories, build lean muscles and increase your weight loss with over 900 percent. impressive numbers indeed. How does Liporexall compare to the number fat burner in the market, Phen375?
Before comparing these two fat burner pills, it is important to describe them. Both are effective and reliable when it comes to fat loss. Both are safe to use. But, there can only be one winner – keep reading to find out!
About Phen375
Phen375 is an improvement on Phentermine, one of the most effective early fat loss tablets from the late 1950s. However, unlike its predecessor, the Phen375 has been designed in such a way that it is one of the safest pills in the world. It has  been tested and is proven to be just as effective  as the old Phentermine pills – without the risks!
Phen375 is manufactured in labs that are FDA registered and located in the USA. This means that the manufacturing process is safe and controlled – unlike most of the competition!!!

Phen375 has absolutely no negative side effects at all. This is one of the reasons why it has been selected as the best fat loss tablet available in the market today. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that this fat burner that is both safe and effective. If you take Phen375 and follow the manufacturers directions, you WILL get results. Even though it is not as cheap as other (substandard) fat burners, you can be sure that it will give you more bang for the buck than any similar fat loss pill.



The Liporexall Fat Burner
Liporexall is a well known brand and a big seller as well. It includes nine ingredients that makes it effective in burning fat, building lean muscles and increasing thermogenics.These ingredients help burn fat within the cells themselves.
Liporexall ingredients are CromeMate that regulates blood sugar levels, Super Citrimax that helps suppressing appetite and burns fat as well as lowering BMI, Pinnothin that increases hormone levels, Avantra-Z – an ingredient that is very similar to bitter orange, NeopTunia fat binder, Phase 2 carb blocker, 7 Keto that increases energy levels, Forslean that releases fat from the cells in the body, Infinergy that boosts energy, Tonalin that helps reduce body fat and Biopherine that is a strong dose of black pepper.

As you probably understand from this list of ingredients, Liporexall is a strong supplement. It also affects your hormone levels through the use of Pinnolin. We are a bit worried about the hormone issue, as these things can be risky.
Phen375 vs Liporexall
Liporexall and Phen375 have both received some very possible feedback from the customers who use them. They are both safe and effective. The facts below will guide you in deciding what product is the most suitable for your needs.
Liporexall has ingredients that are both strong and effective. It has also received great reviews as a top weight loss supplement. However, our winner is Phen375 because it will help you loss unwanted body fat very fast. And it contains nothing that affects hormone levels in the body.

What product to choose?
Product Name
Liporexall Phen375

Strong and effective. Contains ingredients that can be TOO strong.

A good fat burner like Phen375 is the most effective choice for fast and safe fat loss.
Safe to use. Some doubts about the Pinnothin. 100% Safe!!!
Clinical Trials
Clinical studies. Clinically proven and 100% safe.
Side Effects
No known side effects so far.
None what so ever.
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100% Safe


Phen375 is the best tablet you can use in order to lose weight in an effective and safe way. You deserve to get slim again and get your confidence back. Phen375 is the safest fat burner currently sold. Take action NOW and start that new life that you dream about!