Phen375 vs Relacore

Most dietary supplements try to get you thin by burning fat, increasing your metabolism, suppressing your appetite, or doing all three at once. Relacore takes another, more novel approach. Their plan is focused around cortisol, the stress hormone. What is Relacoreand how effective is it compared to top dietary pill Phen375?

Good science shows that cortisol leads to excess storage of fat around the midsection, which is the most dangerous place to carry it. Your body produces cortisol when you’re stressed or anxious and then you eat more and you burn a whole lot less fat, which is why it starts to store around your stomach. Relacore attempts to solve that problem by blocking the release of cortisol using Magnolia Bark. It would be wonderful if Magnolia Bark was actually effective at doing so, but that has never been proven.

Phen375 takes goes a more traditional route in helping you to lose weight. First there’s the fat burning. Some of the ingredients in the supplement are chosen and combined to assist your body in turning up its fat burning abilities. The more you burn off the better you’ll feel and the better you’ll look. Phen375 also cranks up your metabolism though its clinically proven formula. Perhaps its most important benefit is appetite suppression. If you don’t feel hungry you’re far more likely to eat smaller portions when you do sit down at the table or go out to lunch. You don’t need that second helping because you don’t want it. When you have all three of these elements working together at once you stand a much better chance of actually losing weight.

As mentioned above, Relacore hasn’t ever been proven to stop the release of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s a lovely idea that they came up with, but the execution is lacking. If you really wanted to stop a stress hormone from being released you’d have to do some heavy duty research and testing and it would likely take years and millions of dollars to find something that works without harming the body in some other way. Maybe it wouldn’t be possible. It’s not always wise to mess with how the human body has worked for thousands of years. There’s also some data that suggests users of Relacore are at a greater risk for Cushing’s Disease, which can be devastating. Symptoms include fatigue, weakness, exhaustion, high blood pressure, depression, thinning hair, and more. That alone should be reason enough to avoid Relacore.

In the case of Relacore versus Phen375 there isn’t much of a dispute. Relacore has never been proven effective at its lone purpose, which is stopping the release of the stress hormone cortisol. If it could actually do that it would no doubt help you lose weight and keep weight off, but it can’t. Phen375, on the other hand, can actually suppress your appetite so you don’t eat so much, raise your metabolism so you burn more calories, and increase your ability to burn fat so your chubby middle disappears. An order of Phen375 also comes with dietary help. If you don’t change what you eat at least a little bit chances are good you won’t lose weight at all. No pill can work miracles.