Phen375 vs The 72 Hour Diet Pill

The 72 Hour Diet Pill isn’t really meant for long term use. It might appeal to you in that way because it promises such quick weight loss, but in truth what they’re offering is a way to shed a few pounds in the fastest way possible so you can squeeze into a new dress you bought or look good for your date that night.

It’s not a lifestyle thing. It’s not something you should do over a long period of time. In essence, it’s a diuretic that will take almost any extra water weight you’re carrying and pull it from your body. You’ll look and feel a little bit thinner, but as soon as you go off the pill and start drinking and eating regularly you’ll immediately put on everything you lost. It’s the worst kind of solution to genuine weight loss goals.

If you crave a long term answer to your weight issues then you should consider Phen375. It’s a three-pronged approach to creating a healthier, thinner, happier you. First there’s the appetite suppressant. You’ll find that you’re just not hungry all that often. The benefit is that you won’t eat much at meals and when you take in fewer calories you lose more weight. It’s simple, beautiful math. Second is the metabolism boosting component. In addition to taking in fewer calories you’ll be burning more, which is the key to weight loss. Finally, there’s the fat burning component. The Phen375 formula ensures that you burn fat like crazy, melting it away. Phen375 will not be nearly as effective if you don’t undertake a healthy diet and a good exercise program, but that’s true of any dietary supplement. Magic pills to take your weight away don’t exist. You will need to work at it a little, Phen375 will just make it easier.

The 72 Hour Diet Pill is really only good for body builders that want to make their muscles stand out, celebrities that need to look good on the red carpet, brides that desperately need to fit into their wedding dresses, and anyone else that really wants to look thinner for a couple of days. That’s all this plan is going to give you. If you try and push it beyond that you’re going to severely damage your health because this pill works by dehydrating you. It takes the water out of your body so you look thinner but if you keep that up for too long you’ll get really sick and could need emergency medical treatment. So it has a purpose but not if you’re looking to genuinely get thin.

Phen375 is a comprehensive way to assist your diet and weight loss plans. It gives you a higher metabolism, helps to control your appetite, and turns up your fat burning abilities. When you combine all of that you have exactly what you need to change your life. If you want to lose a little bit of weight in a very short period of time and gain all that weight back almost immediately then go with the 72 Hour Diet Pill. It’s good if you need to walk the red carpet or hit up a body building competition but it’s not useful for much else.