Phen375 vs Xenical and Alli

Xenical is the name they chose to give the prescription drug Orlistat, which is used to help people lose weight. It works by preventing some of the fat in food from being absorbed in the intestines. That fat is then removed when you have a bowel movement and it never really enters your body.

It is fairly effective at blocking fat absorption but it’s most commonly prescribed for patients that have already lost a great deal of weight or had a surgery to speed up their weight loss efforts. Alli is the over-the-counter version of Xenical, which essentially means it’s a lower dose so you can’t hurt yourself by taking it without a doctor’s consent (or at least it’s much harder to hurt yourself; anything is possible). Xenical and Alli are often used by people who simply want to eat anything and everything while believing that because they’re taking the medicine they won’t be able to get fat. It doesn’t work that way, sadly.

The truth is, you’re not going to lose weight if you don’t undertake a life change. If you’re obese or even carrying an extra 20 pounds you’re always going to have that weight unless you eat a little less and exercise a little more. A good weight loss drug can help you with those things and make your body work more efficiently at processing food, burning fat, and helping you keep your appetite down. Phen375 does all of those things in the most effective way possible, which is why so many people have come to rely on it for their weight loss efforts and for maintaining the new bodies they create. Phen375 will boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories. It will increase your fat burning abilities and help you melt away your unwanted chubby areas. It will suppress your appetite so you stop snacking at night and overeating at meals.

Xenical and Alli are too often used as a crutch by people that want to overeat. They take away some of the fat you’re eating by preventing it from behind absorbed but it’s not nearly as much as you’d think. Also, the drug can block healthy nutrients from being absorbed so if you use it over a long period of time you’re at a real risk of malnutrition, which can be devastating to your system. If you never change the way you eat, you’ll simply gain all the weight back when you stop taking Alli or Xenical. If you never stop taking Alli or Xenical you’ll suffer from health issues. Either way it’s an imperfect system and it’s bound to result in a shorter, less happy life for you.

If you’re serious about weight loss and a healthier lifestyle then Phen375 is the only good choice. Xenical and Alli offer a convenient way to consume fatty foods while not entirely suffering the detrimental effects of those foods, but they don’t actually lead to a long term healthy lifestyle and that’s what your goals should be. Plus, if you use Xenical or Alli long term you may very well suffer real health issues including malnutrition. Phen375 safely increases your metabolism and fat burning capabilities and it suppresses your appetite so the desire to eat is much less.