Phen375 vs Zantrex

In the Zantrex family of weight loss products you’ll find Zantrex, Zantrex-3, and Zantrex Fat Burner (they may have released others, too; they’re quite prolific). They’re not much different from each other though. The basic idea is to inundate your body with stimulants to charge it up and theoretically make you burn more calories, although it’s a supremely simple way of approaching a weight loss pill and it’s not particularly effective.

They use natural substances to play on the current mindset of anything man-made being bad and anything nature made being the cure to all problems. That might be true, but combining several natural stimulants into one product does not make for a hugely effective weight loss supplement.

Phen375 is a hugely effective weight loss supplement and its ingredients are pharmaceutical quality and tested to be 100% safe. There are zero harmful side effects to this pill and consuming it is guaranteed to help you lose weight. You’ll have to follow a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise to see the most benefits from it (up to five pounds lost per week) but that’s the case with any diet drug (if you see a company promising that you’ll lose weight without doing anything but swallowing a pill you can rest assured that they’re lying).

One element of Phen375 is appetite suppression. If you no longer feel hungry then you’re far less likely to overeat. Those excess calories that come from the second serving at dinner or the nighttime snack are the real killers that make you fat. Phen375 will also speed up your metabolism, burning more calories as you go about your daily activities. It also cranks up the fat burning in your body, utilizing your excess flab as fuel to keep you going.

Zantrex is a lot like drinking tons and tons of coffee. They have yerba mate and guarana seed in there, and those things sound great, but in reality they’re just mild stimulants taken from nature. They have other benefits as well, but they’re not proven to help with weight loss so they’re not particularly useful towards the goal you’re aimed at. You’ll find that you have a higher heart rate and perhaps more energy but that isn’t of much use unless you’re tired all day long and you have trouble working. You might not want to exercise though because at times those stimulants will make it feel like your heart is going to explode.

There’s really no competition between Phen375 and Zantrex. Zantrex is like drinking a ton of coffee and letting it run rampant in your system. You get jittery, energetic, and excited. Your heart pumps fast too. The problem is it doesn’t really help with weight loss in any way so it’s not exactly a good investment. It’s good for a pick me up in the afternoon. Phen375 is formulated to directly help with weight loss in three different ways. It suppresses your appetite, turns up your metabolism, and helps you burn fat. Those three things combined with a good diet and an exercise program will have you losing weight like crazy.