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New updates to the site – fat burner comparisons

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Click at the homepage of clinically proven fatburner and see the new structure of the website. A number of fat burner related articles will be published in a near future. Bookmark and check back for more.

So far, the basic structure is in place. The main thing is a fat burner toplist with a clear winner – Phen375. The toplist contains the three best fat burning supplements for sale right now. We have a Phen375 review, a Capsiplex review and an Ezslim review.

The Phen375 pill is the winner, as stated. The supplements at no.2 and no.3 are very interesting too. Capsiplex uses stong peppers to increase metabolism, and this is proven in a number of studies to work. The Ezslim tablet uses an indian cactus for the appetite suppressing, as well as bitter orange and green tea for the fat burning part. Very interesting, there are a lot of thing happening in the industy right now with several new methods for weight loss revealed.